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Traceability of parts

Traceability of parts

At Wako Seiki, we are producing with an attention to detail that accounts for each and every work process and part, and have a strong awareness of the operational stability of our parts and the stability of the supply.
In order to carefully check each production process and conditions of the completed parts, we even provide retroactive inspection into the cause of damages or defect for each part, offering the most appropriate support.

Part name Image Details about company use
Case body Case body Shake-resistant, dust-proof, oil-proof design due to full aluminum die cast body
*For 5-digit specifications, push-in indentation to increase shake-resistance
 <Numbering hold part>
Wiring cable Wiring cable Support for safety standards Cold-proof/oil-proof specifications
(Mitsuboshi 300V soft vinyl cabtire VCT,600V soft vinyl cabtire SVCT)
Numbering Numbering Sharpened and fired with aluminum NC
With durability and shake-resistance, support against material cracking in cold locations and expansion from sudden changes in temperature
Set ring Set ring Polyester plastic processing (Thanroid PET Ace)
Not easily influenced from outside changes in temperature due to being same material as PET bottles
Support for printing numbering
Set method Set method Enameled screws (2mm) Numeric values set through tightening
Excellent level of endurance due to implementation of (ON/OFF) micro switch toggle
Gear-related Gear-related Both input shafts and master cogs are individually crafted with care by engineers,making it possible to manufacture gears for a variety of rotation ratios.
Micro switch Micro switch Omron V-15-1E6
Actuator Actuator Internal press machine part, used in over-the-shelf products by every micro switch maker
Uses independently designed and produced parts with durability and shake-resistance since use for long periods can cause defects in durability
Assembly process Assembly process Excellent endurance and shake-resistance through assembly that takes into account fine adjustments of each scope of measurement (using our own standards) in dealing with the operating conditions of the micro switch and each component in the assembly process

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